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I was inspired by the small moments and memories collected during quarantine with my son to write a book, “What Did Your Dinosaur Do Today?”, celebrating him and those moments. My son developed his INTENSE love of dinosaurs during the season of quarantine. We started quarantine with one dinosaur and with the help of online shopping, we rapidly formed an entire herd. It felt logical that a book intended to record my son’s activities during quarantine should be seen through the eyes of dinosaurs.

Initially, I intended the publication to be solely for my son’s enjoyment, as well as serving as a fulfillment of my dream of writing a children’s book that reached as far back as my own childhood. That, however, changed as I held the first printed book in my hands and experienced my son's reaction to reading it for the first time. In an instant I knew God had bigger plans for this book than I did. The words I had written to reach ONE person, HE intended for many more. My son asked me to read it repeatedly that first night. Each time I read the book, I imagined a mom I was yet to know, experiencing it with her own child for the very first time. My heart continues to swell with love each time I watch a parent and child read this book together. A dream that started in my heart now has arms that can deliver a hug to each reader. My prayer is that this book will help you connect with your child, as you create memories that will forever reside in your hearts, while having a giggle or two along the way.

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"This book is a must have for the kiddos in your life! The fun words and illustrations had my daughter giggling, and the dino even goes to the potty just like her - extra thankful for that little encouragement!! The author, Tiffany's, mom heart shines through in her debut book. Cannot recommend enough!"

- Jourdan Lunsford, Mother

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My 2-year-old daughter was immediately entranced with the storyline. The story poses questions on each turn of the page, which she routinely answered with a laugh. The illustrations are playful and bring to life a child's fanciful imagination. You won't be able to get enough of this book or the sweet laughter of your child that comes from reading it.

- Emily, Mother

"What Did You Dinosaur Do Today? is a very fun and imaginative book that does an excellent job of teaching self-help skills to children at their level. Tiffany Tutu makes great use of rhyming throughout the book to make it engaging for a young audience, and children will also love Chrisara Design’s artwork, showing all the antics their dinosaur might get up to. This book is also a great way for children to become more familiar with preposition words and the imaginative artwork also offers a great opportunity to prompt conversation with your child. Overall, this is a wonderful book that teaches children self-help skills, reading skills, prompts conversation, and has an underlying message of loving attachment. I highly recommend this book for your child."

- Renee Thornton, Parent Educator 

“Go buy this book! I loved all of the bright, fun illustrations and how they tied into the story, making the story even more entertaining. I think this book would be perfect for families and children of all ages! There are so many teachable moments and it would be the perfect bedtime story for you and your kiddos!”

- Amy Wolff, Parent Educator

"'What Did Your Dinosaur Do Today?' is a relatable, playful story of busy dinosaurs and their activities. Children will be entertained as they see dinosaurs happily and creatively taking part in everyday, childhood fun as well as some daring adventures. It allows children to take part in the story as they imagine and choose what their own dinosaur might do. The book is a wonderful, engaging balance of imagination, adorable illustrations, and heart-warming fun."

- Kristina Lace, Mother and Educator

"The most adorable book! My 5 year old and 1 year old both loved it. Very catchy and kept their attention. Charming illustrations and such a sweet message. A must-have for your dinosaur lovers! Be prepared to read it over and over ;)"

- Jenna Kadolph

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