Secret to Sustain Long-Term Motivation

A recent study by Inc. found that an alarming 92% of people don’t reach their goals! 

The 8% that DO reach their goals, are not found to be more talented, but rather are able to achieve success by HOW they tackle goals! 

Staying motivated plays a HUGE role in a person’s success rate in achieving set goals!


Commit to EVERY DAY action! 

Take ONE action that moves you toward your goal every single day. It is harder for a goal to get lost in the shuffle of life if it stays in the forefront of your every day activities!

The action won’t be a BIG step on most days, but rather, a small one! Send the email, make the contact, fill out the application, say no to the brownie, write the words, buy the materials! 

A plan can help ensure the every day action actually occurs! Adding an every day action to a to-do list is a great accountability partner! You can make out a plan a month, week, or day at a time. I like to write out a monthly, weekly, AND daily action plan!

A long journey is composed of many steps, each step needs to happen for the journey to be complete! The daily steps will add up to meet your long-term goal at the finish line!

A long-term goal reminds me of a sheet of music. Each note by itself is just a note, but when the notes are combined, they create a beautiful melody!

Celebrate little milestones, not just big ones. 

Divide your large goal into a few mini-goals! When you reach them, celebrate! Get together with girlfriends for pedicures, go out to a new restaurant, get a massage, or throw an actual party! The point is to do SOMETHING to remind your brain that you ARE making REAL progress! Celebrating mini wins also helps us (and others) to notice how far we have come, even if we aren’t ALL the way there yet!

Make a yearly practice of journaling where you ARE CURRENTLY and where you WANT to be this time NEXT year.

This can be done ANY day of the year, not just January 1st! It can be a lengthy entry or a sentence! You get to decide! This is for your eyes only!

My date happens to be in July, so every July I read back over my journal entries from the year prior. Even if I don’t hit my goal of where I wanted to be, I always feel empowered about how much further I HAVE come to reaching that goal! 

Noah took YEARS to build the ark, but he kept showing up day after day to add board after board. I want that kind of motivated faith! Noah had never seen rain before and yet he showed up year and year to build a boat to sustain something he couldn’t visualize! 

Moses kept leading the Israelites year after year to the Promised Land. He probably thought he had signed up for a job that would last a couple of weeks, but it turned into 40 YEARS! In fact, Moses never even got to SEE the land he was working toward, but he kept on, believing the younger generation would reap the benefits of his faithful motivation to keep going.

What if Noah or Moses had quit before their goal was reached? History would have been rewritten, and NOT for the better! 

The world needs YOU to keep showing up for your goal too. YOU are the one God is using, so for the sake of ALL of us, keep showing up, day after day, week after week, year after year.

️It isn’t just your future that depends on it, but OURS too!

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