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Do you want your home to tell a story? A story of friends and family? A story of laughter and inclusion?  A story of generosity and warmth? A story of a life well-lived?


Hospitality is defined as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. 


🏡Anticipate your guests’ needs BEFORE they arrive!

Think about EACH individual that will be there and unique items they MIGHT need. 

Examples: Children will need children’s cups with lids. Cold weather will necessitate a place to hang coats. Outdoor summer gatherings require bug spray and sunscreen. Water activities need towels. Blankets are a welcome sight on cool evenings spent on a patio.

🏡Consider EACH guest’s likes!

When making a menu, consider each individual’s favorite foods and beverages. This includes thinking about creamers, sweeteners, and condiments. I live by the motto, “Variety is the spice of life!” You can’t please everyone with everything, but I do try to please each person with at least ONE thing.

I keep many things on hand that I don’t even like, but I know my visitors do! I don’t like straws, but some guests will! I don’t use sweeteners, but that doesn’t mean my visitors should have to do without! I make sure to keep these popular items on hand, even though they are not popular to ME!

This is a perfect scenario to remember one of life’s lessons that can be repeated in SO many circumstances, IT IS NOT ABOUT ME!

🏡Make your guests feel pampered!

Sugar scrub and lotion for hands can ALWAYS be found in my guest bathroom! Adorable disposable guest towels complete the experience!

Lit candles and fresh seasonal flowers add to the atmosphere of any house.

Beverage bars are another great area to pamper your guests!

I strive to make my coffee stations as close to an authentic coffee shop as possible. I accomplish this with cute disposable coffee cups, stir sticks, and coffee syrups, as well as a variety of coffee brewing systems that provide everything from a tiny espresso to a large latte! 

For the hot tea lovers in my life, I set out an assortment of tea choices, sweeteners, and adorable teacups with saucers. I heat water in an insulated kettle so that the tea is easy for my guests to prepare!

If the budget allows, I like to buy individual bottles or cans of beverages. This tends to make it easier for the guest and a more enjoyable drinking experience!

To round out my beverage station I prepare a dispenser of infused water. I rotate what I use to infuse the water depending on the time of year or the theme of the party. Fall/winter I typically provide cranberry/orange infused water, while mint/cucumber are used during spring/summer.

🏡Serve your guests. 

For the “Martha’s” of the world, this is your time to shine! Refill beverages, ensure seating needs are met, and clean up spills! Hosts should make routine checks of the serving stations to ensure replenishment is made as needed!

The goal is to make your guests’ time at your house as seamless and effortless as possible!

When the party’s over, gather purses and coats for the guests and help them out to the car if needed! I like to make a quick assessment with each guest to ensure they are leaving with everything that they came with! My goal is to have zero lost and found items at the end of every get-together!

With hospitality on full display, you will make even first-time guests feel right at home!

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